7 Biggest Mistakes Start -up Trainers make.

7 Biggest Mistakes Start -up Trainers make.

1.They don’t have a good mentor :- In the process they keep taking decisions on their own & loose many costly years .

2.They unnecessarily invest on Infrastructure :-Such as big office space , computer & fancy things .Which is not necessary at all in the Training business.

3.They have unnecessary Staff & burden themselves with high monthly overheads &finally go bankrupt paying salaries.

4. They have no strategy in marketing /selling and zero knowledge of branding .

5.They work in Isolation and they don’t build a good Team of Trainers , So they don’t grow .

6.They under price themselves ,they think cheaper sells faster .They are wrong .

7.They get carried away by distractions such as heavy socializing ,more time than necessary to the family .Then they become nice homely people but flop in a career .

The science of Influence :

We all know that we all want to influence people , whether in a job system or in entrepreneur , life is all about influencing other , The question is people don’t know what they want ? Think about it .

Cultural Rule : Dictation our behaviour in public , We are all govern by society , Cultural rule are dictating .

If you want to change your own or somebody’s else behaviour the first thing we can often do is to change the  environment if you can control the environment you can typically predict or create a “Specific Behaviour “.

To influence others it’s very important to look good as you can .

What you wear ;  your socks ;Your Jacket ;Your Spectacles ;

 Your make up ; Your jewellery; Your watch ; can all make or break a Sale or a Relationship even before you open your mouth .

((Attractive woman have  far more chances to get a Job Or Promotion . ))

(13 ) Secrets of making a “Magnetic First Impression” .

  1. Dress 20% better than you normally do to meet your Client .
  2. Dress as per the occasion .
  3. Dress as per the Values & belief of a customer .
  4. You should not only look good but also smell good .
  5. Before the meeting find out What is most important to the other person & demonstrate the behaviour .
  6. Ask your Client What are his values & objectives .

(to be continued )