7 Biggest Mistakes Start -up Trainers make.

7 Biggest Mistakes Start -up Trainers make.

1.They don’t have a good mentor :- In the process they keep taking decisions on their own & loose many costly years .

2.They unnecessarily invest on Infrastructure :-Such as big office space , computer & fancy things .Which is not necessary at all in the Training business.

3.They have unnecessary Staff & burden themselves with high monthly overheads &finally go bankrupt paying salaries.

4. They have no strategy in marketing /selling and zero knowledge of branding .

5.They work in Isolation and they don’t build a good Team of Trainers , So they don’t grow .

6.They under price themselves ,they think cheaper sells faster .They are wrong .

7.They get carried away by distractions such as heavy socializing ,more time than necessary to the family .Then they become nice homely people but flop in a career .